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Big ups to all the mamas nursing twins! #madrespect

Big ups to all the mamas nursing twins! #madrespect

New documentary reveals why US has problem with breastfeeding

Let me get this straight… in the US, formula companies give money to hospitals, and architectural plans, in order to to build hospitals where they separate moms and babies. 

"These formula companies are active helping hospitals create a need for their product," she says.

THIS IS TRUE EVIL. I thought what formula companies do in third world countries was bad enough. This really takes it to another level. 

Photo courtesy of Melinda Gates (of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) on Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Melinda Gates (of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) on Facebook.

How Breast Milk Engineers a Baby’s Gut (and Gut Microbes)

And you still think formula is as good as breastmilk?

Halle Berry's Breastfeeding Reenactments Are Priceless

Bless Halle Berry for normalizing breastfeeding like this. LOVE her! What a gorgeous woman, inside and out. Still chuckling over her comparison of her daughter nursing vs her son. Sounds like a hungry little buddy!

Milk is love. Share the love.

Milk is love. Share the love.

How To Raise A Perfect Child

Breastfeeding is beautiful. If you are not doing it, please prepare a 5-10 minute presentation explaining your neglect to strangers. It’s the least you can do. You may want to prepare some kind of video explanation for your child as well so when he or she is being treated for the disease that breastfeeding could have prevented, they will have something to comfort them in the hospital.

The most important thing to know about breastfeeding is that you are now a bag of food for your child and must top yourself to the brim with goodness. Do not:

  • Smoke
  • Drink (alcohol pickles milk)
  • Swear (profanity is a natural milk rottening agent)
  • Drive (milk may be harmed)
  • Or eat any common allergens

If you are formula feeding, do whatever you want. Little matters now. The good news is that many babies have risen above their formula childhoods to achieve great things. Some of these notable characters include:

Ranshackle Ford. A serial killer turned prison librarian.

Gilespie Urain. Notorious cat kicker. At age 90, he changed his ways and began petting cats instead of drop kicking them over fences. His dying words were, “I just wanted breastmilk. I just wanted to know love.”

Anything is possible.

Another thing I miss.

Another thing I miss.

peaceful parenting: Natural Weaning

Fantastic natural weaning resource for those nursing toddlers or other older children. 

Blood Donors and Breast Milk Donors: Lifesavers

Why isn’t breast milk considered a life-saving, mandatory donation just like blood is?