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Our Final Breastfeed

These photos. The tears in the moms eyes… oh! This weaning story gave me ALL the feels! <3

Dreams of nursies

Z woke with a tender smile one morning recently. “I dreamed of mimis,” she said sleepily. “I dreamed mommy had milk in her mimis again.” She had that look I’ve known myself before - the look of waking from a dream that leaves you with a sweet ache or wisps of bittersweet longing. Most of us wake not knowing what we dreamed about - just remembering a primal need, a sweet fulfillment, an aching longing for something we can chase but never attain while awake.

Zoe knows what she misses. She smiles fondly, remembering. I am so glad she nursed long enough to remember. Long enough to smile so wistfully and yet joyfully as she looks back or remembers her nursing years. Long enough to relive them in the traces of a dream.

I love that she dreams of her nursies.

New Study Finds Link Between Breastfeeding, Always Knowing What’s Right For Everyone

This is hilarious. Nurse on, mamas.

This was definitely our experience. 

This was definitely our experience. 

How Breastfeeding Brought Me Into My Power as a Woman

This is an incredible read.

Like a boss. 

Like a boss. 

Yep, twin mamas can nurse too. &lt;3

Yep, twin mamas can nurse too. <3

Yep, she did&#8230; for almost four years, yo.

Yep, she did… for almost four years, yo.

A Six Year Old’s Thoughts on Breastfeeding

This gave me ALL the feels. Read til the end! *sniff*

Lovely photos courtesy of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, whose new mama Asha is doing a fantastic job with 8-day-old Mondika. Nursing in the outdoors on a beautiful day - it doesn’t get any better than that!